October 10, 2020

Mark Ward- King James only

Mark Ward from Logos joins us to talk about some of the history behind the King James bible, bible interpretation and other translations.

Music:  Urban gospel

Mark Crutcher from Life Dynamics joins us to discuss the connection between abortion and racism.

Music:  Urban gospel

August 30, 2020

Gary Kah

Gary Kah discusses Covid 19 and the globalism connection.

Music:  Urban contemporary and traditional gospel

August 27, 2020

Meeke Addison

Meeke Addison Joins Vincent to discuss the origins of "woke" theology and the impact on the church and our culture. Also, DJ Ron joins us talking Kanye, Christian rap and theology. 

Music:  Christian Hip Hop

July 21, 2020

Gregory Tatum

Vince and Cynthia talk BLM and religious liberties.  Also, Vincent interviews Dr. Gregory Tatum, of Change Community Church,  in Bakersfield, CA.   They talk politics, and the state of race relations in this country.


Also, some of the best classic and progressive urban gospel!

Yvette Emard of Communities for Christ talks about the things they are doing within the Antelope Valley in So California to unify the body of Christ.


Also, some of the best classic and progressive urban gospel music!

We disscuss the true agenda of Black Lives Matter and the differences between their movement and the civil rights movement with Martin Luther King.  Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute also joins us to discuss the impact and legalities of Covid-19 responces on the church. 


Also, featuring some of the best in classic and progressive urban gospel!



Arthur Schaper of Mass Resistance joins us today as we discuss "Drag Time Story Hour" and it's impact on young children.  Also, hip hop artist Vocab Malone discusses the importance of apologetics and how it has impacted his life.

We talk with Robert Oscar Lopez about what led to his termination from Baptist Theological Seminary as professor of humanities and the aftermath.


Also, some of the best in classic and progressive urban gospel!

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